Digital Smoke LLC Privacy Policy for Yatzy Master

Last modified: 2nd April, 2024

Your privacy is important to us and we take our responsibility of caring for it seriously. Digital Smoke LLC has created this Privacy Policy to describe what information is collected and used when you play Yatzy Master ("the game"  or "the App" ) on your mobile device. By playing Yatzy Master, you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

What Information is Collected?

Yatzy Master can be played either socially (against other players online), or anti-socially (solo/single play). Different amounts of information are collected in each of these two play modes:

Solo Play collects the least amount of information, namely your usage data that is used to deliver more relevant advertising to your device and Google Analytics data in order to process app crash reports and to understand customer preferences and create better experiences for them. Users in countries requiring consent to show personalized ads will be asked for consent before the first advert is displayed. If you give your consent then the advertising networks used in the game will use your device's Advertising Identifier to track your usage across apps and use this data to try to serve you adverts that are more relevant to your interests. Please see the Advertising section below for more information.

Social Play uses an open source game serving engine called Nakama created by Heroic Labs to provide multi-player services, online leaderboards and other social features for the game. Nakama for Yatzy Master is hosted on Digital Smoke's own servers. To play socially against other players online, you need to create a Yatzy Master account by signing in with one of the popular social service provider accounts such as Facebook, Sign-In with Apple, Apple's Game Center or your Google Play account. The main purpose of the social service provider is to allow you to sign in to your Yatzy Master account without having to enter a user-name and e-mail address. You can then use the same sign-in method on another device to access your Yatzy Master account and share your game progress between devices.

Data that is stored in your account on Digital Smoke's servers includes, but may not be limited to:

Your In-App Purchase (IAP) history is NOT stored on Digital Smoke's servers. That information is stored on Apple's servers if you paid for an IAP on an iOS device or on Google's servers if you purchased on an Android device.

Information about each of the four sign-in method are listed below along with links to each provider's privacy policy:


If you sign in with Facebook then your profile picture will be downloaded and stored on your device until the App is deleted. This profile picture may be visible to other players on leaderboards and other social aspects of the game. Your Facebook profile image isn't actually stored on Digital Smoke's servers, but a download link to it is generated from your Facebook User ID which is stored in your Yatzy Master account. You can select an Avatar if you don't want to share your profile picture with anyone. Yatzy Master does not post to your Facebook timeline ever or access your list of Facebook friends.

Please consult Facebook's privacy policy for more information:

Sign in with Apple

If you don't use Facebook and have an Apple device that's running iOS 13 or higher then you can use Sign in with Apple using your Apple ID and two-factor authentication to create a Yatzy Master account. After the first sign-in, various anonymized authentication IDs and authorization tokens are stored on Digital Smoke's servers in order to sign-in again without entering your Apple ID each time the app is launched. Your actual Apple ID or e-mail address are NOT stored anywhere.

Apple has a broad privacy policy here:

Apple's Game Center

If you don't use Facebook and have an iOS device then Apple's Game Center may be used to create a Yatzy Master account. The game doesn't use any of Game Center's features such as leaderboards or achievements as these features are provided by Digital Smoke. Your Game Center account has a unique Player ID associated with it and that ID is stored in your Yatzy Master account.

Apple's Game Center specific Terms and Conditions and information about what data it might collect can be read here:

Google Play Games

If you're using an Android device and don't use Facebook then you can use your Google Play Games account to create a Yatzy Master account. Your Google Play Games User ID and various authorization tokens are stored on Digital Smoke's servers.

Requesting Data Removal

You may delete your Yatzy Master account and all associated data from Digital Smoke's servers by tapping on the Gear Wheel icon in the top right corner to pull up the Settings screen and then select Remove Social Account from the Privacy and Data Collection section.


The game uses Google Analytics for Firebase to send anonymous usage data to Google in order to analyze your interaction with the game and help us to better understand what features people use the most and how we can improve the game in future updates. They collect device information such as IP address and device identifiers, as well as events completed or actions taken within the game such as purchases, what adverts you click on and what features of the game you use the most. The developers of the game have access to reports and charts generated from this information. Some data collected may also be used for personalized advertising if you've agreed to that (see next section).

General Google privacy policies:
Google Analytics:

Third Party Personalized Advertising

In order to keep Yatzy Master free, we show advertisements within the game. We try to make these ads as unobtrusive as possible by showing them during natural pauses in the game play. If adverts annoy you then please consider paying for one of the In-App Purchases that removes the ads. It's desirable to show ads that are relevant to your interests. These are called Personalized Ads, also known as interest based or targeted ads.

In order to deliver personalized ads, the game sends an Advertising Identifier (ID) to the advertising networks that the game uses along with certain non-personally identifiable information such as, but not limited to device make, model, operating system, screen size etc. The Advertising ID is a randomly generated number that identifies the device you are using, but not you personally, and is used across all the apps that you use on a particular device. Several Apps that you use might send separate information linked to your Advertising ID to the same advertising network which can then build a user profile based around that Advertising ID such as what Apps are installed on your device and how often they are used etc. The ad network can use that profile to deliver adverts that might interest you. Users in countries that require consent to display personalized ads will be asked for that consent before the first advert is displayed. If you give your consent then the advertising networks used in the game will use your device's Advertising ID to track your usage across apps and use this data to try to serve you adverts that are more relevant to your interests. A new Advertising ID can be randomly generated at any point to disassociate your device from any user profiles an ad network may have create around the old Advertising ID or you may opt out of using it entirely from your device's Privacy Settings: "Limit Ad Tracking" on iOS and "Opt out of Ads Personalization" on Android. If you opt out of seeing personalized ads then you will still see adverts but they may be less relevant to your interests and that might not be desirable to you.

The advertising networks that our games currently use are Google Mobile Ads, Unity Ads and Applovin. All companies adhere to the Privacy Shield principles for the collection and processing of personal data from end users. Each SDK collects different types of information from your device in an attempt to determine what adverts might interest you. The data collected might include but is not limited to:

The privacy policy of each advertising network used in the game can be found below:

Google Mobile Ads:
Unity Ads:

Installed Apps

The game checks your device to see if any other Apps by Digital Smoke are installed and won't display cross promotional ads to those games if you've already installed them. This information is only used locally by the App and is not sent to anyone or stored on any server.

Links to Sites and Services Operated by Others

Yatzy Master may contain links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites. These other sites maintain their own policies regarding cookies and the collection and use of personal information. If you tap on a link that takes you out of the app to a third party website then it is up to you to review those policies yourself.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We may modify this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we post changes to this Privacy Policy, we will revise the "last modified" date at the top of this page.